Let's set up your Fleet Complete Desktop application!










This application is necessary to run the Fleet Complete. Please note: Fleet Complete desktop application does not run on Mac. For Mac users, please log in via our web application here.


​For more .NET installation instructions, go here.













You will be required to fill in your Client ID number at the bottom of the End User License Agreement Page. Your Client ID number is supplied to you with the Welcome Email. If you do not have your Client ID available, please email us at CustomerSuccess@fleetcomplete.com.


Note: You will have to do this for every computer that will run Fleet Complete.

Watch Prerecorded Webinars


Our prerecorded webinars will show you how to configure and use the Fleet Complete Desktop application.

Desktop Quick Reference Cards 


The Quick Reference Cards capture key application tasks that support you in your day-to-day activities using Fleet Complete Tracking.


These two-page documents include step-by-step instructions, images that highlight your location in the application, and serve as complementary materials to your live training.


The QRCs linked below pertain to the Fleet Complete Desktop application only.