AT&T shut down its 3G cellular network
on February 22, 2022 


What does this mean?

Any devices that use the 3G network will no longer be able to transmit data. You will need to update and upgrade your current fleet and asset trackers to report location, driver behavior, or any of the other mission-critical details that the AT&T Fleet Complete solution provides you today.

If you have updated your service and your device is experiencing a service error, you may need to update your Fleet Complete or BigRoad app.

To update your Fleet Complete or BigRoad app, visit the App Store (the minimum version you must be on for Apple iOS: 32.1.5) or Google Play (the minimum version you must be on for Android: 32.1.6), where you will find the option to download the latest version.

For users on version 32.1.6 on Android 12, we urge you to update to version 32.1.7 for a better experience. If you experience any problems, try these steps:

  1. Long press the Fleet Complete or BigRoad app icon and tap App Info.

  2. Then, go to Permissions > Nearby Devices, and select the Don’t Allow Radio button.

  3. A modal/pop-up will want to confirm this, please select Don't Allow Anyway.

  4. Before leaving this screen, tap the Allow radio button.